The Timeless Look Of A Good Ol’ Beaker Bong

The Timeless Look Of A Good Ol’ Beaker Bong

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For people who prefer to smoke joints or pipes, or vaporize more than they even smoke, you may have never seen a beaker bong in action. If you remember what a beaker is from your high school science classes, you can probably put two and two together and imagine what a beaker bong might look like. The only distinction between a regular bong and a beaker bong is the shape which, that’s right, very much resembles a beaker or flask, technically. They usually have a wide, cone or bubble-like base which can hold a large volume of water and air. If it’s just a particular shape and design of bongs, why is it so sought after by so many serious bong smokers?

A Useful Shape

A lot of gorgeous pieces of glass out there are made with some funky shapes and features. As visually pleasing as artistic bongs can be, a huge issue is often that the balance of the bong is compromised. If it’s intricately designed, there’s a lot more potential that the bong can easily tumble over. The shape of a beaker bong is so that it can hold a lot of water, and all that weight in such a wide container leads to a well-balanced object. It also means there’s a lot of space to draw out a huge, milky rip of herb.


Percs, or percolators, are a great way to further increase the smoothness of your smoke. They come in a wide variety of shapes from discs to honeycombs, and on top of bringing the temperature of the smoke down, they add a lot of style and bubbling to a bong session. With a beaker’s wide base and long tube neck there’s a lot of space for some serious added filtration. Keep in mind you

should wash a high quality bong like that very often to keep it looking pretty and clean, because percolators can be super tough to clean out when residue has a chance to build up. Luckily the bottom half of a beaker bong is easy to wash out, so if you make a routine of it, it won’t become a hassle.

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