Learning a new instrument? Don’t miss these 5 tips!

Learning a new instrument? Don’t miss these 5 tips!

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There’s no age for learning a musical instrument. If you have an hour or more to spare each day, this can be a new passion of sorts. In this post, we have listed down five important tips for budding musicians.

  1. Buy a good instrument. No matter whether you are trying a guitar, ukulele or piano, you need the right instrument. Recommendations are handy for sure, especially if you are buying online, but a better idea is to check with a local store. Try the instrument, check if you like the sound and how you grip it in your hands. Yes, you might be interested in saving some money, but that makes no sense if the instrument is off tune.
  2. Learned the basics? Play with other musicians. At the end of the day, you would want people to know and appreciate your talent, and that can only get better when you play with others. Contact with fellow musicians and collaborate on music sessions, just to get the tune and rhythm right.
  3. Make the most of online resources. Today, you can find a bunch of resources on online sites. From piano accompaniment tracks to downloadable notes and more, many online portals have sorted things for new musicians, and most of it is quite affordable. Backing tracks are also useful when you cannot find local musicians or someone to play along with.
  4. Mistakes are okay, indiscipline is not. No learner became a musician overnight. You will make mistakes along the way – a wrong note here, some improper tuning there – that’s all acceptable. However, a budding musician is expected to be punctual and disciplined when it comes to practice. Make mistakes, learn from them, but don’t take your practice and learning for granted.
  5. Ask for feedback. If you are taking professional classes, your teacher is your best judge. However, for those who are following the ready-to-use tutorials available online, it is important to seek feedback. Play among your friends and fellow instrument players to know what’s going wrong. Handling criticism is an aspect that musicians need to learn early in life. You need to know your pros and cons, so that you work on the right aspects better.

Lastly, be honest with your music. If your music doesn’t make sense to you, it will never appeal to others. Don’t give up at any point – Start strumming your new guitar like a pro!

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