The Income Source of the Online Movie Sites

The Income Source of the Online Movie Sites

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Online movie sites have come up as a boon for those movie fans that are not available on DVDs. They give you the freedom to watch movies anytime from anywhere any time throughout the day. Here, you will find a collection of movies for all age groups. If you have a good unlimited internet connection then nothing can stop you from enjoying your favorite movies limitlessly. One of the greatest benefits of watching online movies is, you can enjoy full-on entertainment right from the comfort of your home. With this advanced technology, watching movies have really turned out to be a cake walk.

The various categories

123moviespower one of the premier sites where you can watch online movies and TV shows. Unlike many of the other sites, they typically don’t host the contents but embeds the popular shows and movies of the other reputed sites. With the help of this strategy, it has eventually emerged as one of the leading online movie streaming sites. They let you enjoy the service without having to make any kind of payment. You can either downloaded or stream the contents online for free. They have more than 20 film genres that include a collection from over 132 countries. The different categories are action, crime, animation, family history, musical, fantasy, western, thriller, adult, romance sport, biography, film-noir, documentary, horror, sport, mystery, Sci-Fi, adventure, news, comedy, music, drama and war.

The list

The website 123Movies contains a list of categories from where you can choose as per your desire. The categories are as follows:

  • Featured – It includes the prominent and outstanding products of the moviemaking world.
  • Movies – Here, you would come across all types of movies. You just need to filter and choose the movie you want to watch.
  • TV Series – Watch the latest episodes of the TV series in this segment.
  • Top IMDb – In this section, you would find the movies arranged as per the IMDb ranking.
  • A-Z List – Here, the movies are queued alphabetically.
  • Request – In order to request any particular movie personally, you need to log in with your details.

Their source of income

The authentic free online movie websites like acquire their movies from two chief sources: either they acquire permission from the film studio to telecast the movies or they’re featuring movies that fall under the public domain. But you must be wondering what would be the area of interest of these sites in allowing their viewers to watch movies for free? How do they make money, if they don’t charge any subscription fees for the enrollment? The answer to all your queries is the advertisements. Ads that are telecasted at periodic intervals during the movie or TV show that you watch, the click ads visible on their websites are the primary source of income for this online movie sites. You will notice that when newly released movies are shown a lot of ads come up in the form of surveys. These ads pay them heavily and thus they don’t need to charge anything from their clients.

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