The Business Side of a Creative Career

The Business Side of a Creative Career

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If you’re a musician, film maker, or any other creative kind of person, you may find that selling your “product” is harder than you thought. Business is complicated, and, believe me, I’m no expert. However, I do know that many of the underlying systems of successful businesses seem to be universal. Therefore, I’d like to lay out some of the basic requirements of many, if not most, businesses to help you moving forward. Here are some simple tips.

First and foremost, you’re going to need office supplies. Every business leaves a paper trail, even the creative ones. Therefore, you’re going to need a printer, for one, paper, and, of course, ink. (That is, unless you intend to use the more cost effective, but more limited, laser printer.) Of course, these are the basics, but consider the following: staples and paperclips for securing multiple page documents, business checks from Deluxe for Business, and a literal ton of pens. Though these items may cramp your style, you’ll thank me later come tax time, for example.

It’s also of the utmost importance for your whole team, even if it’s just two people, to communicate openly and via email when crucial details are involved. This way, critical info is less likely to be lost, as reading something you have at your disposal at all times is a better way to remember details than to hear it spoken once, especially as any number of distractions could cause that info to be lost forever in the ether. Communication is key, as anyone will tell you, but we don’t always take that advice to heart, and we should. The whole world runs more smoothly when everyone knows what he or she is supposed to be doing.

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