How to Avoid Fatal Mistakes When Choosing Video Production Services

How to Avoid Fatal Mistakes When Choosing Video Production Services

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Video content is captivating and engaging, making it one of the best tools for advertising. With a single video, you can reach millions of potential customers, and generate several leads from them. Unfortunately, most people do not know where to begin when it comes to making video content. As a result, they often end up making several mistakes, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of their marketing videos. Luckily, you can avoid these mistakes by hiring a company that offers high-quality video production services.

However, hiring just any video production company you come across will not guarantee you great video content. To start with, there are several companies offering video production services, some good others not so. Identifying good ones can thus be a voluminous task. Secondly, when choosing a video production company, you want to pick one that will understand your brand and offer you the best possible video that will engage and convert your target audience. So, how do you choose the right company? Below is a look at some top tips on how you can choose the right video production company without making fatal mistakes that can cost your brand.

  1. Check if the company is reputable and reliable

When choosing a company to produce your corporate videos, one of the things you need to do is make sure they are reputable and reliable. You can find good suggestions for companies by asking for references from friends, other business people, etc. You can also search for companies on Google or on review sites such as Clutch and others. However, even with these suggestions, you still need to make sure that you are hiring a trustworthy company. One of the best ways to determine this is by talking to past clients. Doing so will give you an insight into how a company works, the quality of their work, reliability, and so on.

You can also check out a company through online reviews and testimonials. Most companies offering video production services have an online presence in the form of websites, blogs, and social media pages. Visit these platforms and see what clients have to say. You can also check out other online reviews platforms such as Google reviews, where past clients are likely to leave feedback.

Is the company great at their work? Does it have several complaints? How does the company handle complaints? All of this is important information you can find from past clients, customer reviews, and testimonials, and it will go a long way into telling you how reliable a company is.

  1. Review the previous projects

The best way to tell if a video production company is right for your business is to review their work. Most companies have demo videos showcasing their work, usually on their website. These demos will show you the production potential of the company you are considering.

Aside from demos, you should also consider looking at some of the past projects of the company. You can usually find these on a company’s portfolio page or their social media platforms. You can also check out some of the videos (from the company) being used by past clients.

Before choosing a company, consider the quality of their demos and past projects and weight whether it meets your current needs. Other things to look out for in the videos include uniqueness of the content, professionalism, engagement (do the videos engage the audience), creativity, and so on. All in all, the videos of the company you choose should meet or exceed the expectations you have for the video(s) you are looking to create.

  1. Understand the staff you will be working with

Production of a corporate video is a process that might take some time, several days or weeks even (taking into account planning, shooting, editing, and so on). Therefore, when hiring a video production company, you need to choose one with employees who can deliver.

To start with, the employees must be knowledgeable and skilled in various video production aspects, which will guarantee high-quality videos. They also must be creative, which will guarantee that you get an interesting video that is capable of engaging your target audience.

On top of that, the employees, especially those you will be working with, must be friendly. They should be able to explain the production process to your satisfaction and be at hand for any queries you might have. Most of all, they must be people you can work easily with, especially if you are looking to create more than one video.

As a result, before hiring a video production services company, be sure to get to know their employees. If possible, visit the company and interact with some of the employees a bit before the start of the project.

  1. Make sure the company understands your needs

You might find a great company, but at the end of the day, it is their ability to understand your needs and willingness to create the corporate video you want that will matter. Therefore, before deciding on a company, make sure they know and understand the kind of video you want to be created. A good production company should also research your business, customers and target audience, and competitors so as to get a better understanding of your needs.

In addition to understanding your needs, a good production company should be willing to meet them to your satisfaction. For example, they should listen to your opinions and other input, take note and be willing to meet your production timeline, and be always willing and prepared to make any changes you might find necessary. All in all, the production services offered by the company you choose should be customized to the specific needs of your brand.

  1. Consider the cost of the project

Cost is another important factor you will have to consider when choosing a video production company. The company you choose should be able to offer you services that are within your budget. However, when setting the budget, you need to remember that the production cost will largely depend on the type of video you want. So, factors such as video length, style, quality of production equipment, skills of the production team, video quality, ideas, and so on will affect the final cost of the project. As a result, you must be able to balance both the cost and quality, so that you can end up with a good video at an affordable price.


Finding a company offering video production services that will meet the requirements of your corporate video is not easy. However, with the above tips, you can be able to choose a good company, while avoiding serious mistakes that some people make. These tips will also help to make the otherwise tiring process easier and more smooth.

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