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Fun Party Ideas

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Parties are meant to be fun. Yet sometimes, the pressure of actually making an event memorable, means that they become anything but. A case as it were of trying too hard! Here however we look at ways in which you can make a party something special and yes, fun too. So if you are planning a party soon, then read on for some fun ideas.

Celebrity Cardboard Cutouts

You contacts may not include the real thing, but that doesn’t have to mean that your party can’t have an A-list guest or two. What could be more memorable that having your picture taken with Thor, or Justin Bieber for example. Celeb cardboard cutouts from Starstills will be a talking point and people will no doubt long remember that party with Bieber.


Yes you need drinks and food, but do not see them simply as staples. Make them a part of the party. You could serve cocktails in fruit, or have a punch bowl that packs a real punch too. Remember though that people may be driving, and will want to have fun too – so ensure that there are plenty of none alcoholic alternatives too that are equally as weird and obscure as the rest of the drinks…


Dark, unlit rooms, may be moody, but they are not necessarily conducive to fun. Think therefore maybe of bright colours, rainbow-like as it were. These colours and proper attention to the lighting will make the party fun, without it feeling like an interrogation. The food and drinks can carry these colours too to give a more “themed” feeling.


Yes it is in reality just a support for the food and drinks, but if you decorate it properly you can liven up the servings before they are enjoyed. People notice details and will be impressed by the lengths that you have gone to.


Pubs have bar games for a reason – they are fun. So think of giant Genga or team based quizzes etc. Ensure however that they are inclusive and do not leave some people feeling left out – that said, do not mind if not everyone joins in, what’s fun to one person might be a living nightmare to another!


Let people have a go at making their own cocktails, with you providing the staple ingredients, the equipment and even more importantly, the guide. Perhaps people will be willing to try other’s creations, again creating the bit of fun and connectivity with the other guests.


Nothing ruins a party like bad food; but nothing kills a party vibe, like bad music. Perhaps the best way of avoiding this is to ask the guest in advance their favourite artists and thereafter put on a playlist that can be looped to ensure that everybody’s tastes are met.


Still on the music theme, a good sing along certainly raises the spirits of most people, especially if everybody gets their fair turn!

There are of course different definitions of “fun” depending on who you ask, but hopefully these tips will help you identify some areas where you can satisfy most, if not all of your guests and give them the fun they so desperately crave. Enjoy!

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